Life is uncertain. Activities of life are uncertain. What would happen the next time nobody knows. You think about the future events instead of ignoring the present. Human runs for future and his whole life depends on what would be the next steps for life. I am not saying that future planning is not a … Read more



Humans eat food, insects eat food, birds and animals eat food in the different forms though. Some eat vegetables, fruits. Some take grass and others eat flesh to meet the demand of hunger which is essential to live. Except humans, every other species has their own ways of eating. Humans have so many varieties in … Read more



Happiness arises when a person gets what he dreamt about. The dreams, wishes which are fulfilled with efforts, patience and faith are valuable like a child is valuable to his mother. When one gets everything very easily and without efforts, he cannot feel that kind of happiness as compared to a person who makes hardships … Read more


Due to differences in thoughts, complexities in characters, upbringing in different environments and situations, everyone has involved in arguments to prove himself right. But it is very hard to convince the other person if he is totally opposite of you and you may be trapped in a big mess sometimes. Human nature is very complex. … Read more



“When you discover your mind and soul, you would find immense treasure of long.” ——– RBassi Man has interests, likes, cravings different from other people. These turn into potentialities and skills as they move in their lives. When a person learns and develops a skill it might help him to grow in the future. Sometimes … Read more