You cannot leave what your heart wants. You walk with the inner feelings deep dived in the heart in the form of hobbies, passions and interests. If you listen to the voice of your soul, you will achieve peace whether you make money or not on this path. It would give you tremendous joy and happiness to stay on the decided path.

It may be not possible to become independent financially completely. But this path can help you to look over the world with a new outlook according to your own taste. Nobody can forget his own inner self. Negligence on the basis of ‘forgetting inner soul’ make you suffer the whole life.

I write blogs/articles because of my passion for writing. I know that it is not supporting me financially though, but I want to make it successful just because of my passion. Couple of the last days I was busy in some other works. I have travel plans and was busy for the preparations of travelling.

I did not get enough time to write articles which I always love. But I want to work on blogging and came back to talk with you lovely people. As I am writing my article, I am feeling intense happiness in my heart.

This happiness is directly connected to my heart in the form of writing. So, it is a bad omen to forget your soul, your passions. In our lives, we are getting ourselves involved in the various activities. But it is our duty to feed our soul with peace and happiness too.

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