Quite wary of what would happen the next moment, we become over excited about the future related to coming events. We like to plan the events which is has its own importance too. But it is meaningless to plan every minute details of life at every moment.

When our lovely hormone ‘dopamine’ is being released it also make us super excited in advance. It is in the human nature to get emotional in different ways like aggression, love, hatred, excitement. It is impossible to be a flawless person, to be a perfect one. One use to act according to his own nature.

Planning makes the life less burdened. Planning can be seen in daily routines, future events. But it is no guarantee that everything would be happened according to pre-planned schedule. We just make plans and rest is left on the shoulders of time itself. Because nothing can beat the time whether it is- past, present or future.

I have made plans to travel to explore the new world and meet my loved ones there. To arrange the main schedule is a must which I did already. And rest I leave on the time and hope for good time ahead. These days I also learn that over excitement is not a good thing. I come to know that one of my relative has planned to travel to meet and live with her daughter in another country, but she has to drop this trip due to family emergency in and has to go back to her home country. One person told me story that he planned a trip with his family and booked the tickets two months before. But had to cancel the tickets and hotel appointments due to his deteriorated health conditions.

One of my friends is super excited for our get together. He is scheduling every moment which makes me anxious. I told him the same above stories and rebuked him to not plan every moment. Because it is impossible to work according to it. I am not saying to plan the events. Flight booking, hotel booking should be done prior the scheduled dates. But booking planned very prior to the scheduled date sometimes make you upset.

And it is no good idea to get over excited on everything. Surprises make us feel warm and light. Respect the time and it would give its warmth back too. Enjoy the precious time and essence of life which would give you so many surprises.

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