Life goes on it’s rhythm and it’s only you who has to match footsteps with the pace of time which is connected with life. Nobody can predict what the future holds in itself. Everything is being disclosed at a particular time gradually. We all crave for happiness, joy and stability for sure, but time is beyond anything which acts like a mysterious being in itself.

Our elders teach us to ‘slow and steady win the race’. This phrase directly emphasizes the importance of patience in every human’s life. It is bound that we lose patience and goes back to the old self.

Old memories do come back time to time. You cannot wash the whole memory of all the events of your life. Good days and bad days go simultaneously and make you happy and worried too. But the art of life is to stay still. The puzzles always make us excited and depressed.

To hold onto ‘good time’ is very hard because always it is being followed by the ‘bad time’ The spent good time helps us to motivate in our bad time. This nice smile of yours helps you to move ahead and face the hardships of life while thinking about the good times and the happiness you felt in the past time.

What you want, what you desire do with open arms. It is no benefit to hold the grief related to the bad time. Make hurry to solve the problems as possible you can. It is impossible to make one’s life ‘problem free’. Problems are bound to happen time to time. But we can lessen the burden while overcoming the root cause of the problem. Good time after a bad time really make us more positive, enthusiastic and active in the life. Love your life, work on to flourish it with your success and be happy if possible.

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