It breaks my heart when I see the old people living alone, all by themselves. They can be single/living with their partners. Conditions vary person to person. It’s very heartbreaking that parents or elderly people struggle to live onto their own.

It does not mean that I am condemning the young generation. This tradition goes from centuries along with our lives. But these days it is a culture in many countries to live alone by leaving parents’ house to become independent which is a good thing. It helps children to become independent and face the struggles of life ahead.

But it also alarms the problem of ‘loneliness’ among our elder ones. In the ancient times, people lived together with their parents and grandparents. It also helped to improve the relationships between the family members. It also provided moral support to each other.

Living beings especially human, love to make social interactions. Humans fear to live alone though some exceptional cases are there too. When young parents are busy in their daily chores, earning money and to nurture their children. Their lives are super busy and is entangled with busy work routine.

Due to growing age they have to leave their work or minimize it. Almost they have enough time to spend with their children. But at this stage they do not find company of them because now their children move to another house/city/country. Poor parents are forced to live on their own-sometimes by choice and most of the times with no option left.

Parents are also insistent not to leave their houses to move with them. Some children are not willing to stay them by their side because they demand privacy in their lives. Nowadays time has changed. The choice of people is changed. Everyone wants privacy in their lives which is not a bad thing. Due to generation gap, there are so many differences between parents and children which arises the question of ‘privacy does matter’. But overall, love your parents and care for them and parents should also try to understand their children that they are the ‘generation of modern world’.

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