I am well aware that these days people listen to this particular word ‘consistency’ a lot moreover on the social media platforms. when I usually heard this word, I was not known to the fact that how powerful that word could be anyone’s life.

The root cause of the people’s failures is lack of consistency in any kind of field. Practice makes the man perfect. Due to lack of patience, people would intend not to hold their positions in one field. Due to new technology and its growing usage, our new generation is becoming weak by mentally and emotionally which lead to many failures, stress, frustration.

The firm determination is based on the fact of consistency. With the consistent efforts people can achieve the marvelous goals of their lives. Consistency is needed in academics, sports, daily routine habits, to make a career, to plan the goals. To leave the bad habits and adoption of new habits need consistency to produce the best results.

Each field has its own time limits-short or long. It is not possible to generate results in a short period of time. Consistency, patience and hard work are corelated to each other. One day anyone can become successful and achieve his goals while treading on the path of consistency.

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