Emotions, attachments, care
Lie within in between souls
Family, friends, species of different birth
Keep connected altogether fair

Family motivates us, helps us to keep move on and make efforts to live happily with each other. People have families by birth, and some find families due to his circumstances like adoption etc. But moreover, every person has his family, name and backgrounds.

Parents find their children as motivation to work and earn money. Children help them to fight the battle of ups and downs in their lives. It is a truth that without any kind of motivation, it is very hard to keep the life in a strict discipline.

All parents want to give their children the best facilities in the world. Children also idolize their parents. This motivation circulates generation by generation. It is our duty to provide basic facilities to our children.

We have friends in our lives. We make bonds with our friends. But the ‘bond of blood’ is unique. We always wish for it and try hard to maintain the relationship healthy and sweet. I know that each family, environment is different. There is lack of love, effective communication, generation gap. Despite of this, families help each other to grow and succeed in life.

Man, fear loneliness. He is afraid of to be alone in his life. He seeks solace in relationships like family, friends. Man shares his emotions, his ideas, his plans with others. It helps him to relieve his stress and to get advice too. We help each other to keep motivated. It is a lovely bond of relationship reside with each other.

We fight, we resent each other. But we also care for our loved ones whole heartedly. We crave for time to be spent with them. Family is precious, there is no doubt in it. To keep our relationships lively and sweet, we should make efforts to hold on to our loved ones.

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