Dreams are an integral part of our lives. Everybody sees dreams since his childhood. Dreams vary from person to person. Dreams are according to one’s tastes, environment, idealism etc. If one can dream for any particular thing, he might be able to achieve it most probably.

Every individual dream for certain things in his life. It is not necessary that all his dreams would be fulfilled as he wants. It depends on his family environment, acceptance, need. But these dreams stay forever in his mind and recall him its existence time to time.

Motivation is a key to success and our dreams act like any kind of motivation which help us to move ahead and act upon our dreams since childhood. A person who has no dreams in his life is like an empty shell which has no attraction to it. No success would come into our life in the absence of heartful dreams.

When I was in school, I always wanted to become a successful businessperson. But due to lack of proper guidance and knowledge I went on the wrong path. I choose the wrong direction which took me far away from my childhood dream. I was not happy with my selected option but had no choice at that time because I was so scared of calculations and my dream was based on calculations.

I completed my education and started a new life. But I was never happy and confident because my dream was not being fulfilled. This thought always went with me. But I had never thought what to do next.

But as I moved forward in my life and searched for things, I found many ways to achieve my dream. Age is no matter. I know that to start from the beginning is not possible, but I found my own ways. As I searched, I got close to my dream. And now I am achieving my dream although my way is different, but it takes me to my childhood dream. I feel so relieved that what I wanted I am achieving it though late.

Everybody can achieve his dream. May be the path would not be the same as you dream of, but you would achieve your dream if you wished to stick on it. It would come to you one day and it depends on you to how would you embrace your dreams.

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