Who don’t love perfection? Who don’t admire perfection in everything? Yes, we all love to look perfect. We want perfection in everything we do. Perfection is always be praised by other people.

But perfection is not a very cheap thing which we can buy or sell. Perfection needs hard work, efforts, liability to it. Then it can be achieved. But 100% perfection is not possible. There would always be some flaws even at the minute level.

Bosses demand perfection from their employees. Parents wish perfection from their children. Children want perfection from their parents which is not possible completely. There would always a gap in perfection and want.

To admire a ‘perfection’ is not a bad idea but it helps people to improve their skills and to do hard work. But sometimes we should also admire imperfection if it a living being, a living soul on this lovely earth.

Do not make your children puppets or mere copies of other successful persons. Let them dream to their own wishes. Maybe they can get more success as compared to their competitors. Let them breath their own air and taste their own situations which come to their way.

This idea came on my mind after I watched a movie. I know that these movies are fictional and most of the times are far from the reality of life. But the message was good. It focuses on the idea that not everyone is perfect. Sometimes we have no other options and sometimes we do get solution. But it is not a very hard thing to embrace the imperfection in a human being. To try to love it as it is, can make the drastic changes. It’s not an easy thing but sometimes we cannot always urge for perfection but has to pause and embrace what is being called ‘imperfection’.

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