” Stagnant water often produces foul smell strong enough to destroy the good environment.”

——— RBassi

Human beings developed their habits, cultures, customs by the time as there took place evolution of various things. Man learned many things and grew according to his understanding. So, change is the law of nature.

Every time according to the needs of society, there occur changes in the amendments. We see that these days so many new laws are being enacted which were seemed impossible to us. This is a good sign of progress to move on with the time.

Every era had its own customs, laws, rules to follow which were quite suitable to that time only. It’s not a good idea to bring upon all the old, tested ideas in the contemporary period. This would definitely hinder the progress of a new society.

When I was child things were different. And now, as an adult, I find tremendous changes in my society because I can only write correctly which I would testify only. Although there are so many things that are still prevalent from the old times.

And the problem arises when our parents of old generation do not support the new generations. By default, it is not their mistakes because they have been lived in the old era, so they would follow their own norms instead of new ones. However, they would also engulf into the new ones but not completely though, which is not possible to change the old psychology to the new one.

Changes, amendments would happen in every time gradually. Even we adults would have generation gaps with the young ones on some points. I have generation gaps with my parents and obviously in the meantime, there would be gaps between my children which is very clear. Though I always want to learn and grow new things, skills and try to walk through with the contemporary period but it cannot be possible that I would adapt to everything 100%.

It is not possible to change the psychology of one person completely. It can be partial though. I can see there is a fusion of cuisines here, there is a change in the way of dressing and dresses. Moreover, it is the impact of social media, language, globalization etc. One who does not change with the time, lags behind and would not enjoy the joys of contemporary period though I am not saying that the old times are bad and new era is very good. Pros and cons are always there, and one has to choose subjectively what he wants to adopt and what he does not want to leave. Afterall, every person has his own conscious and understanding.

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