People have different beliefs, customs, cultures. Most of the people act according to their environment, cultures. There prevail different forms of religions on this earth. There are so many tribes which have their own beliefs. They follow their traditions which are in existence from the centuries.

With the passage of time, there always happen evolution of everything. Nothing remains as same as before. Change is the law of nature. Where there is no change, it would get rot with the time.

Cultures get changed. There will take modifications in the age-old traditions. Food gets intermixed with other cuisines. Due to globalization, there is availability of very minute things too. When I was a childhood, there was a scarcity of some things which were available only limited places. But these days, there is more availability of things as compared to past time.

Above all these things, all these changes, the sacred word is ‘humanity’. Though we are connected to our roots, we should always know that most of important is that we all are human beings. There are animals, insects, birds etc.

As the centuries passed down which does not get changed is human feelings. Humans have emotions like love, hatred, aggression, jealousy, fear. These human traits are always with humans. What is more important? Not the culture, religion etc. We should not become fanatic in any field.

Only broad perspective to humanity and living beings should be the main motive of us. If a person is fanatic, he would only think about the welfare of him but a man who has widen the horizon of his mind would love to think about the good of masses.

To love one’s culture, traditions is not a bad thing. It is important to connect with our roots. But to be a true human is above of all things. It would also help to overcome the biases in the world. One should always protect himself and his dear ones. Some people do selfless work for people in need. Some provide shelters to abandoned and sick animals, birds without any kind of bias. This is the true humanity and provide satisfaction at the end. Love humanity, love the World.

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