LOSES THE CONTROL
                          FREE THE REINS
                         OF SELF-REALIZATION"

Man is a being to live with freedom, to live with his own ideology and stick to his existence. On slavery you cannot imagine progress in the society. Man is a creature who can think, react and execute the plans.

In the ancient times, we have heard so many stories where men and women were slaves to other people/communities. This system of slavery might harm them physically and mentally. There were so many stories related to this topic.

Most of the kings had slaves. In the past times, women were also victims and hold captives as slaves. They lived in a very bad condition and environment. Gone is the time but we can only learn what our ancestors did mistakes in the past. Only then we can amend our habits.

We cannot say that slavery system is finished, it’s a big no. Only the meaning has changed. Its form has been changed by people itself. Today who has more money, power, strength stampede the other people who are weak, poor. Today who is financially sound rules over the other.

It is right or wrong, I do not fall in this argument. It depends on the choice of every individual. Both are dependent on each other. Both want something from each other. So, it is a matter of need, choice. Afterall, with the passage of time, social matters do change their meaning with the change in its form quite contrary to what people believe or not.

But I talk in general. It’s not that only human beings make slaves to each other. But man, also make slaves to birds, animals etc. When I was on vacation in the house of my relatives in a foreign country, I saw a cage with two parrots. It was a very small cage and they both lied in it 24 hours, day and night. They even cannot flutter their wings. These two poor creatures just sat in this cage and sometimes were catching the moves of the human beings in the house.

I love animals, birds till my childhood. I used to sit near to them and tried to play with them. But they were not amiable to talk to me maybe because their human owners did not use to spend time with them. I was so disheartened. But I could not ask my relatives to release them, to make them free because of social distance.

I had made video of them, but I avoid looking at videos in the phone because it would remind me of their pitiable condition. I have a dog but sometimes I feel bad for him when I leave him alone for some time. Though my dog lives freely in the house but due to safety concerns I would not let him go outside alone. When I have to spend some days outside, it hurts me that I would have to leave him.

As humans have feelings of love, care so do animals, birds irrespective of they speak or not. Today when I woke up and left my room, in my courtyard two kittens were playing. They come to me with their own will. I have not chained them. They live nearby my house. They come and go and are not my slaves. These days I put food to pigeons. They take the food and go. I just watch them from afar. I try not to disturb them as they are very shy birds.

Whether it is a human being, animals, bird nobody want to lose his freedom. Freedom is the sole right of every individual. This kind of freedom, this type of bond prevails love, affection, purity of mind, content to hearts.

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