We all have two types of mindsets- Fixed and Growth mindsets. Nobody can deny this fact that everybody has two mindsets. It might be possible that the one overpowers the other. Some people have growth mindsets and others might have fixed mindsets. This is quite possible.

In the growth mindsets people are ready to adopt the new habits. They are ready to accept new and innovative things. They feel good to leave their comfort zone and come into the wonders of new world. Growth mindsets people are enthusiastic about the secrets of life. They do not mind learning and grow at any stage of life. They are more courageous, confident to involve into the new events of life.

Growth mindsets people see opportunities in the different phases of life. They do not stick to a particular thing or situation. Their only motive is to learn what they can. They are optimistic in a true sense. They are hardworking, positive people. These people provide a growth to the GDP of any nation.

Fixed mindset people lag behind what they possess. They are lazy, make excuses to their own inner self and shirk work. Moreover, they lack the feeling of hard work, passion and belief. They do not want to mend their habits and work according to their age-old habits even though these old habits are a hindrance to their success.

It does not mean that people with fixed mindset have low intelligence level etc. They lack zeal to any new thing. Fixed mindset people are happy in their comfort zone and deny leaving this luxury. They can produce good results but due to their fixed habits they miss so much good opportunities coming in their lives.

If any person wants to work to low the levels of aggression, due to his fixed mindset, it becomes very hard for them to adapt new habits. For few days all would get good but at the end, they fall down and come to their old habits.

To change the habits and adopting new ones, is not a big deal. But one has to be firm in his outlook to change the habits. Each work needs devotion towards itself, only then you can be a perfect person in this world. This depends on you because you are the creator of your life. You are the savior of your life.

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