A child learns from his family, parents, siblings etc. Then he goes to school and comes to learn from his teachers, professors at higher levels. Man is a seeker of knowledge and learning. And one who is not willing to learn in his life would lack so many valuable lessons to move forward.

To learn anything new, we do not need schools/institutions all the time. The ocean of knowledge lies in our day-to-day life in the form of friends, our elders, sometimes we learn from strangers too. There is no boundary from what and where we learn.

We would learn from young generation too. Nowadays, it is a period of technology and old generation is not much known to it. Young people help their elders to know the technology in most of the cases. So, a good mentor has no fixed age. You can learn from anyone who is master in his field.

There is no age limit to learn new things. There are so many renowned personalities who have started their careers in their late ages. There is no fixed time or age limit to learn anything new which you want in your life. What matters the most is your guts and passion towards learning.

It is not possible that all things in life would go perfect. There are ups and downs. Sometimes we do not have right knowledge and direction. But when we do find a good mentor, he helps us to give good direction. A good mentor leads us to go on the right path with his knowledge and experience.

My spiritual path was declining in some period. But when I learned and listened to a great person, I moved back to where I belonged with the new enlightenment. Now, I am learning and getting the answers to my questions. It is new beginning of my life and feels so great and thankful to that ‘great person’. Mentor is a much-needed person to every person’s life, and one should be thankful for his ‘mentor’.

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