Life tells us to stop, watch and sometimes ignore what we are facing in front of us. Because we would not control everything in your life. Moreover, we would not handle every aspect of our lives.

It’s quite disturbing that we have to endure what we do not want. But there is no option rather than that. We feel being stuck though. As I grew and faced the reality of life, I can understand this kind of feeling.

Some matters are not in my hand. Though I am not willing, but I have to do remain in that kind of situation opposite to my will. Sometimes this thing gives heartache, but I am just waiting for the right time to move on.

I am just becoming patient in my life. In today’s fast lifestyle, everybody is running and hiding from the truth of life. Patience is much a needed trait for a smooth life.

Patience is dying day by day. We can see it in daily life. People cannot wait even for a short period of time. On the roads you can observe how people are in a hurry and sometimes they do not follow the safety rules on the road. It is a normal scene where I live. People are so frustrated that they do not bother to wait for the right time. This causes hectic lifestyle among the people of any region.

Patience, wait for the right place and time makes a man perfect. In the back days, I was also not patient by nature and aggression overwhelmed me and make me feeble and charmless. But the life is teaching me many lessons and one lesson is to wait for the right period.

You should make plans and wait for the right time to execute it. Patience will not make anyone inferior or weak, but it will replenish your inner self with the utmost desire to get to the result of the plans of your life.

One would feel as a prisoner at a particular time but if you do make planning on the matters of life, it will not be gone futile. Life tells us so many things to implement in the future. And the real lesson is to enjoy what the life is teaching us whole heartedly without any kind of bias.

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