In the modern era, we go to wild areas filled with natural things which sooth our body, mind. Doctors recommend their patients to visit natural places. People feel relieved in the lap of nature though exception is always there.

People are pulling towards urban areas and leaving villages in search of jobs, better facilities. There is a tough competition amongst people especially in urban areas. People are busy in their hectic life schedules and attracting the unwanted dangerous diseases too. People are becoming weaker and weaker day by day due to air pollution, bad sewage system, industrial waste, adulteration of food items etc.

Children are victims too who are our future generations. They are inheriting diseases, bad health and suffer human losses. The Earth is becoming a barren land day by day.

Only careful and smart moves would help us to come out of this danger. Nature gives us so many resources and it is our responsibility to give back the love and care which she deserves better.

I love to travel alone or with my family/friends. I love natural places filled with scenic beauty and natural panoramas. Last year, we went to Dalhousie. For some people this place is nothing but a waste of time but who loves nature and solitude, they would definitely fall in love with this place. This place locates in Himachal Pradesh in India.

Our country is so beautiful. But I think each country/particular place has its own beauty, charm and importance. In our country, Himachal Pradesh is also very beautiful and owns very attractive places all around it. I often like to visit it time to time.

Really it works. But only if you are mentally and emotionally content only then you can enjoy what is beautiful around you. It matters a lot what is running inside your mind.

I live in a region which is surrounded by nature. When I wake up, there is chirping of birds as time passes. Birds come in my house, street because it is their breakfast time (a-ha-ha). I love to see them and making noises. I like to walk in my courtyard and watch the birds. Then I feed food to pigeons. Pigeons are very shy birds, and they fly away whenever I try to come close to them. What I like is their necks which shine in a light.

It makes me so much content at heart. I never want to keep birds as my pets because I like them to fly freely in the sky. I would never like to cage them at my house. Different species of birds come and go freely. I always try not to disturb them when they come to my house. Sometimes squirrels play with each other.

It is a good thing to spend some time with nature if possible. It depends on everybody’s choice/nature. It variates person to person. But to save the Earth, we all should do what we can. Our coming generations will give us respect if we provide them a good and healthy environment.

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