‘A positive mind attracts positive events in his life and a negative mind attracts negative outcome’.

Above is a well-known saying from our elders who are much more experienced as they get interaction with the life-long events. We often hear our parents who tell us to not get frowned upon every trivial matter of life. We consume what we hold deep in our minds.

When I was small, I was a person who got angry very easily. My father taught me not to frown unnecessary because it would cause harm to my mental and physical health. At that time, I could not understand his teaching on my behavior but as I got aged and have experiences with life, I came to know that what we put our ‘inside’ makes our ‘outside’. And now I am teaching the same thoughts to my kids because I know the importance of irrelevant anger on trivial matters.

We attract the same energy which we feed to our minds. Our mind is very sensitive. If we have thoughts full of positivity, it is obvious that we would attract the positivity and remain happy and content most of the times though not all the time. Negative thoughts pull out our energy and derive us of positivity, happiness and perfectness.

It is almost impossible that all the events of our lives would go exactly as we planned. We can make actions, execute our plans but the result is not in our hands. So, it is of no use to think about the future events. We would just make plans and a successful planning is a must, otherwise we would get ourselves into a big chaos.

As I have observed that everything is stuck in our minds alone. If our mind is ready for a particular event, there would not be so much difficulty to act on our plans. I was planning to quit a particular style of cooking. It seemed a lot of hard time for me to leave my habit.

But when my mind was ready and imagined the bad results of my previous cooking style, I was ready and happy to choose the new way of my life. Mind is jumping like a monkey, ‘here and ‘there’ but only you can control your mind and attract positivity in your life by adopting positive thoughts and aspects towards life.

It is true that in the beginning, you would find difficult to break the age-old habits. But when you think about the positive results you would get at the last for your sacrifice, it would not make you distracted and help you to move ahead in your life.

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