In the common scenario, we think that our family will take care of us, our life partner will share the burden, our children would become our support when we need help. Somehow this chain prevails from many centuries on this Earth and would continued generation to generation as it is.

But the question is who would take care of our own self? Who would give support to our own inner voice. At the end it is only we who can support ourselves because only we can know what exactly we would need.

Due to the pressure of family, society, peers we almost forget our own self. We forget what we need the most at physical and psychological level. We choose our careers not by our own choice but under the pressure of family/society. We want to become some other person, but we are forced to choose what we don’t like at all.

Very few people get success to freely choose the career. Most of them are under pressure. They cannot have guts and confidence in their own beliefs and start working on other’s beliefs (career).

Every individual has his own traits and personality. So, everyone is different from each other. How can everyone become doctor/engineer/lawyer/teacher. Almost every parent expect their children to choose only from these kinds of professions.

But what could you do about your goals, interests, tastes. It is important to become financially independent. But you should follow your dreams, interests (hobbies) too. It is moreover good if you choose your hobby as your career, if it is fruitful.

The main thing is that only it is we ourselves who can fight for our rights, and nobody would bother about our hidden inner conflicts. It is the responsibility of a person to his self rather than other people despite of how much they are close to him.

You can satisfy your physical needs like ‘parameters of living’ but you cannot satisfy your psychological needs without giving a careful aspect to your inner self. This inner self is totally dependent on you, and you are the only caretaker or yourself. Other people can stand by you, applause you but at the end, you are the sole responsible for your identity.

Many girls want to get education and become self-sufficient, but their parents treat them as a burden and under the pressure of society get them married to a stranger (arrange marriage). And women become dependent on their spouses in most of the cases.

Today women are doing great achievements in every field. They are being appointed in many big fields of the economy. If women could get chances, they could also give their equal share in any country’s economy. But most of the women get brain washed and become dependent on other people especially men.

If one can take care of himself and demands his rights, nobody could stop him to get success. You cannot make anyone’s mind like a prisoner. Everybody has the ability to think and grow. But you need care and confidence to fight for your rights which are self-made and are not imposed by others on you.

From the very childhood, the society/family put the idea of marriage in the minds of boys and girls. They are being taught that marriage is the ultimate solution for every sorrow. According to them you should get married and produce children and then work for your family and if you think about yourself then it would be considered as an immoral act. I hear many children talk about their marriages at a very young age because they adopt the idea of marriage within their families and society.

But who would teach them to take care of themselves at first. Marriage/profession/children would be a choice to everybody. Imposition of societal rules and regulations would only put these children in a dilemma. They would forget about their own inner peace and work for the outer forces which are just imposed on them by force and law. Choose your own interested field and take care of your identity.

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