Love prevails among all the living beings whether it is an animal, bird or human beings. This whole nature is feeding on the idea of love. We make relationships, families, friends, comrades and somehow every relationship needs love more or less to exist in the society.

We do so many positive things for our loved ones. Parents love their children and they do so many things beyond their limit to provide facilities to children. They have a motive to live, and mostly human beings need reason/motive to live and to get busy in their lives. Although it is not necessary that we should live only for our families, children and husband/wife.

It is everybody’s personal choice. I admit that I have a child and there were so many moments when my child gave motive to live, as ups and downs went along in our lives. If he would not be in my life, it might be true that I would have different aspects of life.

But every relationship needs love and affection. Absence of love shows that the relationship would not long last, or it would be based on greed and opportunity. Sometimes we take things for granted which means we tend to forget how important a particular person is to our life.

As we know, today’s life is so hectic and stressful. In the past times, people did not use the term ‘stress’ so often. Life was so simple and means to life were also simple. But now as we are more forward and technologically advanced, we become more and more stressful.

In the context of stress and hectic schedule we often hurt our dear ones without much thinking what their fault is. I am talking like this because I noticed it in my life. I also noticed this kind of behavior in my near ones.

I’ve noticed that most of the times I rebuked my children when I was busy in my work and got stress from it. I even threw my anger on my dog who is very lovable. It became habit slowly. But then I observed my behavior and did notice these behavioral changes in me. This kind of behavior was also shown by my father. When he was overworked, he usually irritates us (me and my brother). Due to which we got hurt by his rude behavior. And this same circle was repeated by me.

Now as I am learning from my mistakes, I am trying to mend my ways of behavior with my loved ones. I am not saying that I am perfect but making efforts to control my busy routine. I am trying to control my stress level and making sure not to harm my dear ones on behalf of the stress. Sometimes I get out of control, but my conscious mind rebukes me and ask me to behave kindly. And most of my child make me realize my mistake because I have told him to correct my mistake whenever he would find it in me.

I am also working not to put my stress on my lovely pet who loves me so much. Life is a learning process, and we have to learn and grow as we can and should not feel shyness to admit our mistakes. Our loved ones are our precious assets and should give value to them at all costs.

Work is not our lives but a part of our lives. It is very important not to hurt the feelings of people just to say that we are in stress. Life is beautiful with our loved ones. It is right that we should love ourselves first but if we live in a society, it is our responsibility to spread love and compassion. Love is matter of give and take and not to put stress on others just to say that we are stressed. Afterall our loved ones are special to us, and we are precious to them too.

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