Some people ask me if I have sorrows, griefs in my life as usually I post motivational material, posts related to the animals’ atrocities etc. It is no doubt that almost everyone has his own problems, some kind of ups and downs. It is quite common. But there are so many things in the outer society, world which we do not know much.

                       As we grow, we also learn so many things. Learning keeps on till we die unless one is willing to grasp each moment of learning. And social media is also a good medium to know about the world. I was a non-vegetarian person. But from the last years I always felt guilty when I eat meat for that particular poor animal.

                 It was becoming so hard for me to eat meat. On the other hand, I was not confident enough to cut out meat from my diet. Then I saw the videos where these poor animals are kept in cages and their whole process of killing down for us, human beings. They live in a dire state which is beyond to imagine. The sellers are so greedy for money that they forget what humanity is for us.

              These poor animals tolerate severe cruelty just to become our food. In the ancient times, there were many less resources for food in some places. So human beings hunt animals to eat. But nowadays the things are very different. We have availability of so many resources like fruits, vegetables etc. that we do not need to eat these innocent animals.

               Now I have become vegetarian and felling so happy and content. It is a very good feeling. I also know that harsh reality of dairy farming. Cows, buffaloes are treated as a resource of money. Their owners keep them pregnant continuously whether it is natural pregnancy or artificial. They do not feed the male cattle and it is dying in front of their eyes.

 This milk is the sole right of the children of these animals, but they do not get this precious milk of their mother because we need this milk, and the owners need more and more money.

In my region, milk is considered very healthy. So, from the very childhood, a child is taught to drink milk and take dairy products. So, people are deeply indulged in dairy products in the form of milk tea, curd, sweets etc.

              Innocent customers do not know the harsh reality under the production of milk in dairy farming. If the people come to know these realities, there might be chances of awakening among people/youngsters. There are so many other products to replace this milk like almond milk, peanuts milk, soya milk, coconut milk which are not made on the base of blood (cruelty) of our beloved animals.

                  If our children are taught the right education about what is going in the society, about how would we get this particular food item and let them choose the option independently which shows how mature they are. Let them feel free to choose what they think is good for them both physically and psychologically.

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