As in the above lines ‘rest is a test’ means test after a good rest of body, mind and soul. Life is full of tests based on daily and regular moments of time. We all know that man is curious by nature who goes on to learn new things and make efforts to implement these new things in his life.

To actively function and execute his actions every individual needs rest to energize for new work. But due to hectic lifestyle of today’s scenario, the resting hour of an individual is declining. Man is involved in multiple activities and make himself busy continuously. After all it is the need of contemporary time and is very hard to cope with the living expenses present to us.

There are many health problems which are arisen due to the bad habits of human beings like less span for sleeping and extra hours for work. When the balance in each field is getting disturbed, it would destroy the normal aspects of life.

Rest is as important as we need food, air and water to live a balanced life. We all sleep at night and wake up in the morning to do our daily chores. If we do not get rest and the continuity of the activity would make as restless and our potential would also get kicked.

I do have a very nice and somewhat strict schedule for my daily chores. Almost I give allocated time to my daily chores. Foremost is to wake up at the fixed time and to do my daily cardio and yoga training at home. Then I follow my other routines of a lovely day.

Due to the winters in my region and lack of enough sunlight I got sick. I felt severe pain in all of my body especially around my back. I tried my best to continue my routine, but it was becoming difficult to follow the timetable.

My body was asking me to get rest, but my mind was greedy to continue the routine. But as an obedient child I heard the voice of my body and convinced my mind that now, definitely, I should take rest and prepare myself for the coming days. I even decided to take the medication for my illness even though reluctantly.

My routine was changed for two days and took enough rest. Then I was going back to normal routine step by step and ensured enough not to put more pressure on my body and mind. I am happy that I am reviving my routine and stepping ahead to take actions.

Sometimes it is your mind which gets tired when you put extra pressure on your thinking level and fill your mind with crap which would take the form of stress, anxiety and restlessness. So, there are so many practices to calm your mind like meditation, medication etc.

Similarly, our body would also signal to take rest when it is all and hurt. It is our duty to listen to the voices of our body and listen to what it is asking to us. You cannot ignore body and mind because life is dependent on both of these parts.

And it is an art to get up and continue to what we are accomplishing before and get success. Rest is important but balance is more important and when this balance of life gets destroyed, it would move us to failures. So, rest, act and get success should be the motto if life. And successes and failures would go hand in hand and try to learn from every aspect of life.

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