A new day, a new hope, a new and vibrant year is coming ahead of us which is encouraging us to fulfill our dreams and desires which are pending in the previous year. This day whether it is child, young and old one, all are excited for this new year. Everyone welcomes it with warmth and hopefulness.

This last year was filled with so many surprises for me as I came to know about so many new things. I worked on myself and kept on learning new things although sometimes it was difficult to cope with what was going inside my mind. It is true that all days are not same.

Ups and downs are the part of life, and it is very hard to escape this reality. Life is so beautiful, but struggles would coordinate along with it. But if we want to find the true essence of life it would be increased two-fold when it is attained after a struggle. We only give value those things which are not free. And here means when we get the facilities without any kind of effort.

A young person value those things much when he himself struggles for his dreams and find satisfaction in it. A child who inherits everything in his life would value his life less than he who uplift his status from scratch.

Everybody has his own good and bad moments of life. But this hard time teach us so many things that life is not easy but not impossible to win the bad times with will power, trust and confidence.

Each year and each day tell us to move ahead with passion to forget the bad times. Small steps make a big difference and help us to reach at our goals. Goals can be big and difficult, but it is our perception towards it as how we would approach to achieve it.

It is not a bad idea to celebrate the new beginnings of life. When we celebrate the occasions, it would also help us to rejuvenate from the inner core of heart. To celebrate any occasion does not mean to spend a good amount of money. Celebration can be done with individual’s choice and financial status.

My son is also asking me to celebrate the new year. And I am making plans as how I can mend my plans to make the celebration in a useful manner. Usually in the back days I did not bother to celebrate the little little occasions of happiness. But now as I am growing with age and learning so many things, I find these celebrations have their importance too in our lives.

After all we are getting gift of this human life. If we would get the gift of a new day, a new night with relaxation and again a new sunrise only then we can get to reach to the stair of a new year again and again and life a long and prosperous life. He who dies, everything would be finished for him. No new day, no new hope and no new destination. We would celebrate new year only if we would have a sweet life ahead. Feel gratitude what we have and work on learning new things and attaining the destinations while celebrating the little little happiness of life.

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