‘Hey, she’s coming, look at her’, ‘ She has a dark complexion, buddy, oops!’, ‘Hey, the bridegroom is short, and a fat boy and bride is more beautiful than him, what a shame it’s, ‘the bride does not possess a nice physique but a little bit face fat’, this is all the whispering I am trying to convey here in the introduction of my article.

My lovely readers would be little amazed about what I want to say in this writing. Actually, this is a season of marriages in my local area. Most of the weddings do take place in this season. So, this is kind of a ‘wedding season’.

I think everyone would be excited to see the one look of bride and groom almost at every part of the world. People would get excited to go on marriages and blessed the newlywed couple though people are more excited to eat the variety of food from different stalls in at my region.

Well, I am talking about the word ‘measurement’. It means to measure the physical beauty of bride and groom by the people including friends, relatives and neighbors. Even on these days there is a culture of ‘arrange marriages’ which means parents and relatives chose boy and girl to be bride and groom in the future.

In reality no one is model or actress. These bride and groom include the ordinary people. But the people make judgements on their features, complexion, height etc. It is a very common thing. Even including me, everyone makes comments on their outer look and personality.

It is a harsh truth that people judge a person by his outer look at first. And it is a truth that you can know anyone on the inner side only when you spend some time with them. But is it a good thing to make judgements on a person only on looking his physical appearance.

Is it a guarantee that if one is extra ordinary charming and has good facial features, he/she is bound to get success to sustain the marital relationship till the death with each other?

I am not denying the fact that beauty or charms do not add value to one’s personality. But you cannot judge one’s personality as a whole just on the basis of measurements of the beauty.

To live with someone is not a physical matter but a psychological one. Two persons have to adapt to each other’s inner personality. Everyone’s measures of beauty are different. Sorry to say but as a child grows up, he would be feed by so many concepts like ‘beauty’, ‘wealth’, ‘boyfriend’, ‘girlfriend’, etc. because as humans we have make our own theories to live happily in our lives.

As we all know that the beauty diminishes as we age. To get a wrinkled face is a sign of matureness. I would get to see some people who take care of themselves even they get aged. But if your heart is not kind and sympathetic and you are not willing to adjust to the contemporary period, beauty would do no good to you and anyone.

In my country, a child learns at an early age that dark complexion is a sign of ugliness and fair people are the most beautiful one. I know when my child was small, we went to another state for some work. The place where we stayed had a small neighborhood. Children came to our room and wanted to play with my child. But my child was hesitant to go with them. The children were adamant to play with him.

Then I asked my child why he was not playing with them. Then he told me the reason that he did not like the children as they were not much beautiful. I was stunned to listen to him. He was very young at that age, and he had made his own perceptions about beauty.

It is not necessary that if one is fair and wealthy only, he/she are charming. Good clothes and money can make people charming. I give more stress to the inner traits of a person but as an ordinary human being people with dark complexion and with less money are also charming in than as compared to other people.

To sum up this article I would say that measures of beauty have their own statements, but inner beauty would have no match to anything in the world after all anyone can enhance his inner beauty by growing and learning continuously if one wants.

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