It is a trend to follow what other people do. Our parents are also grown up with this kind of scenario. It is not their fault. It is the prevailing system that allows the society to rule over an individual.

Where do I live, it has always been so reputable if one’s child becomes doctor, engineer and the last options are bankers etc. Society puts pressure on the parents and most of the parents decide to which field their child would go.

There is no need to ask the child what he would want or not. Nobody cares about the thoughts of child except some few parents. Career is not chosen by an individual on his own but by deliberately imposing on the children when they would grow up.

It is quite obvious that all the parents are not equally stable financially which means there is a huge gap of income between families. But parents would try their best to educate their children as possible in most of the cases.

Some people are not literate properly or are educated very low. They do not have much/least guidance for the future of their children. But I also see parents who are not much literate, but they guide their children and make their children independent. But I know that they do it all under the pressure of society.

As I have told earlier, the options are very less for most of the people- doctors, engineers. These kinds of parents do not worry about what do their child want. Mostly they decide the career on their own for the sake of children. Nobody cares about the hobbies and interests buried deep inside the hearts of their children.

I met my close relative family. It is a big joint family. The parents are not literate much. Even they did not have high schooling. They live like a very typical family of the village. When I went to their house, I always felt awkward because of their living style, their way of talking.

But I am very amazed to see that the elder brother got successful to settle his daughter and one son. The younger brother also became successful to educate her elder daughter and now she is well-settled and earn good enough money.

His younger daughter is also in the secondary class, and she is planning to pursue the medical field. Her father has good hopes for her future. One thing is that they both have passion to build the career of their children and the second thing is that they both keep company of educated, and wise people who help them to think logically and rationally.

But I am sure that they chose their career on their own without finding out what they really wanted. Nobody makes efforts to ask their children about their choices. It’s no doubt that every parent thinks positively for their children. But due to the lack of psychological understanding they lack the coordination of parenting and the behavior of their children.

In most of the cases, children do follow those things which most of the people are already following. They do not make efforts (because they lack power) to think differently and pursue their hobbies and interests.

In my case, I also had some dreams when I was a child. But I indulged myself in the studies too much like rote-memorization and did not think what I should follow in the higher studies. What my father told me I was doing according to it. When I was a child, I wanted to become a businesswoman. As I grew up, I found out that I was not good in Mathematics. I wanted to stay away from this subject. But it went with me in the last years of university level too (ha-ha-ha). The field which I was going forward would take me was teaching field. It might be because my father was a teacher so that was why he chose that career for me. I never liked teaching and had no dreams about it. So, I tried to escape teaching after completing my education. This profession is very good, but it is only about my interest.

The irony is that teaching line is considered very inferior where I do live because of its low wages/salary. But I do not have interest in teaching. And now after exploring my inner side I am following my passion of writing articles on the platform of blogging. I also do some other works too. And now, I am happy and satisfied.

Let your child to explore himself. Let him to choose his career independently. Parents should guide their children but not become the master of their lives at all. Do not impose your choices and put the pressure of society on their shoulders.

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