Life is like a puzzle. Man keeps on opening the secret layers of life. As man grow, he becomes mature along with it. Matureness need time and experience in one’s life.

Anybody can relate my statement with his life. Well, matureness does not often depend on the numbers of age. It depends on one’s situations, social environment and how he would adopt the events of life.

When we dislike someone, we continue feel hatred towards them. We feel negativity, we talk behind their backs. This is a normal human psychology. When we dislike someone, we dislike everything what he does.

Sometimes it is easy to get rid of that person by removing him from our lives. But sometimes it is not easy to stay away from them like in your family, boss and coworkers at the job etc. The environment becomes so tense that one would feel suffocation to live with the person whom he does not like.

Politics, bias is everywhere rather it is in your family or at any other social place. So how many times would you run away from the negative persons and situations.

Most importantly, it is very harsh for us to continuously feel animosity towards other people. This negativity, this kind of hatred just destroy our own peace of mind and the other persons are enjoying their lives.

It is very impossible to change other persons completely according to our own thinking because everyone’s perception to the similar situation would be different as nobody is alike. And we cannot forcefully change anyone as we want.

It has happened to me very times. I have arguments with my known person from many years. It is very difficult to stay away from him, but I have different mindset quite contrary to that person. I keep on feel hatred towards him and often have arguments. After arguments I keep overthinking and continuously put negativity in my thoughts.

It is like a poison for me as it is only affected to me, and that person is calm and spend the day according to his rules. There is not much effect on that person. And I would destroy my peace by thinking negative which gives me stress and impatience.

So, I want to say that it is quite obvious that we cannot love/hate everybody. If it is possible stay away from negative people but if you cannot cut your ties with them, keep yourself positive. It is important to put your opinion to them, but you should not torture yourself on the behalf of other people. Spread positivity to your mind and enjoy the true essence of your life.

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