Abandoning your pets, animals is not a matter of pride. Often, I see many pets on the streets who are abandoned by their owners because now they are old and sick too.

Some owners have genuine problems not to keep pets because now they cannot afford the food for pets because their financial condition is not good. Some people abandon their pets because of their own sickness. But people who do not have any relevant reasons so what about them?

I have a pet too. Before Covid-19 I got the opportunity to visit my cousin in abroad. But due to my fur baby I did not have the guts to leave him behind alone because I was the only caretaker for him It was so hurtful for me to go for long time from my home.

It took me almost a year and above to take the decision to go to abroad even though it was a very good opportunity for me to see a new culture and people to live with them.

I decided to go to abroad after when I was satisfied that the couple, I was assigning for his care was good enough. I know it is no good to leave your pet alone. Sometimes it become impossible and the situation is not in your hands.

Infact, I think it is a good thing if we can alter the situation by giving the adoption to a rightful person. But this is not easy too. You cannot impose your duties on the shoulders of other people.

Now I am back to my fur baby, and I have plans to visit different places in the future. Even when I visit inside my country even for 2-3 days, I have to assign duties to another person to the take care of my fur baby.

These animals, birds are innocent creatures. They get attached to us in their whole life and this kind of mistreatment proves no good to them and us. In my country there are lots of animals walking on the streets and roads. This scene is very painful to me. But among them there are abandoned animals too who feel very difficult to cope up with the harsh conditions on the road.

Even the treatment of owners makes the behavior of their pets. Those animals who do not get enough love and care at the hands of their owners become so aggressive and dangerous sometimes. Amiable environment which is filled with love helps animals to feel relaxed. Mostly it depends on how an owner behave his pet.

I always love dogs and cats. But also, I know that I love travelling and, in the future, I would like to continue my travelling experience. So, I have decided not to keep animals because I do not want to make them alone. And it is quite obvious I would keep my fur baby which I have in the present time. But who knows what would come in the future.

These animals give us affection, love and help us to feel warm. They do not let us to feel lonely in our lives. They bring back more love in respond to our least affection. They play and accompany us when other people are not available for us.

They are innocent creatures who feel satisfied with very less food and other requirements. On the contrary, man is always greedy and wants more and more.

If one cannot take the responsibility to nurture them, they should not adopt animals. It is so cruel to adopt first and abandon them when they get so attached to us. Everybody has limits. I am not saying to adopt animals, but people should adopt them only if they can take the responsibility of adoption.

Pets like dogs, cats etc. are very loving animals. They won’t ever cheat you. They shower faith and love with their innocent souls. It is our responsibility to give back love by heart. They have very less demands and give enormous joy of love and happiness with their existence.

It is a bondage of love and trust between the pet and owner. Owner and his family who is a world to an innocent creature. Don’t let them roam on the streets like orphan children of your own.

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