I was busy in my work from the past few days and because I work from home, sometimes I get less time to acquaint with the social life. And I know that social life has its own importance. Balance in each and everything is a must. Imbalance makes it feeble and useless.

I always try to maintain my social life which do not disturb my work. In the winter season, there is also a season of lot of weddings at my region.

Attending a Punjabi wedding is a very exciting moment for all Punjabis after all. In the wedding, I met a girl who is living in my neighborhood who shifted here from only few months ago. And I never got time to talk and sit with her for a long period.

In the wedding, we were introducing ourselves and talked on different topics. She was intelligent and talked philosophically too. At some points we differed on some topics. She had some other viewpoint on the same topic. At first, I wanted to argue with her that she was wrong but later I just nodded on what she was talking. I stayed silent because I know that every person set his beliefs and truths according to his own environment whether it is family or social area, his own conditions, his own different events of life and relate every aspect of life according to his own perspective towards it.

Well, I do not know much about her personal life. Infact, I heard about her life through my brother who is a friend of her brother. And I only heard from one side. I do not get direct information from her.

This is also applicable in my house too. I always have arguments with my father on different topics especially on religion. As I am from Punjabi family, there is a very religious environment around us. I am not condemning my religion, but I do not like the traditions which are based on very orthodox manners.

Beside religion, I have arguments on other topics too. He has a very conservative mindset, and I am a person of modern world. So, due to this we always have clashes on many topics. Often, I keep argue with him and present myself as I am right, and he is wrong.

In this world, everybody think he is true and other people are wrong. We see flaws in others and not in ourselves. But it is very hard to change the mindset of other people until that person is not willing to change his perspective.

I know that according to the contemporary period, we have to/should act according to it. Because change is a must. If you would not change yourself, you would keep behind and left out with the whole world.

When that woman was talking, I tried to listen to her. I wanted to know what her views were, and I made effort to look at this topic from her viewpoint. Though she was not so convincing to me, but I tried to listen to her patiently.

There is no debate who is right or wrong here. The main thing is to give pause to your mouth and listen to what other people are saying about life. Yes, soft debate is a progressive thing, but it should not be based on the ego to prove ourselves right at any cost. Debate should be based on passing out information from both the sides which would be healthy and informative.

It is a very right statement that even an adult can learn from a child. One should be willing to learn passionately and leaving behind the bias to prove others wrong.

Respect the feelings of others and just present your idea on any particular subject. We all are social beings and there are limits for us to survive in this social world effectively and with love.

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