You are always special or ever special to you. You are the creator of your life. It’s only you who can tell what is right and wrong for you because at the end this is your life, and you are the owner in real terms.

Comparisons and contrasts what we do all in the life. We make contrasts with others and try to become like them. To get inspiration from other people is quite all right but to become anyone’s copy is not a healthy thing.

In our lives we idolize many famous personalities and try to become like them. To learn from experienced persons is a must but to become like them completely makes no sense.

In this world every person is not alike. Everybody has different habits, different genes, different situations, so you cannot compete with anyone. Even two siblings are different in nature and have different mindsets to live their life. Both are poles apart.

Most of the time, people try to become like another person and get diverted from their own path to the destination. Your life is yours only. Even little bit of focus makes you weak and put you in harassment.

Most of the times we lack confidence and could not get to explore our inner self. Maybe we are stronger and more capable than the person we are idolizing. But due to ignorance we feel inferior around another person.

I am no exception to it. All the things I am writing are from my own experiences. Even I was trying to become like another person and tried to find faults in me to look like that person. To get ideas and knowledge and to walk with the trend is not a bad thing after all we are social beings. But we cannot or should not copy anyone because we all are unique.

When I worked to improve myself and just focused on my personality and letting go to become like another person, I would feel abundant changes in myself. I felt so much confident, unique and content.

To identify your inner self does not mean that you are perfect and need not to improve yourself. It only means that life is a learning process. And to explore yourself time to time is much needed. You cannot ignore to improve your personality and learn new things according to your own experiences but not of others. You would definitely feel proud and content in life when you find that ‘You’ in yourself which is always unique and bright and makes you to live your life perfectly.

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