It’s being very hard to forgive those who make you unhappy. It’s not a cup of tea for everyone instead to most of all people to let go what annoys you at home, in your family, in your school, in your office as well because you have to continue live in those surroundings. Most of the time we do not have the privilege to stay out of this surrounding revolving around us.

When a person is a little child and not mature, these things affect less on his mindset. As a person grows and able enough to understand the people’s faults towards him, it would make him restless and chaotic. That’s why everybody praise the childhood period. As we grow up, our lives become stressful, and it is impossible to make us free from this hell.

Everybody has the right to live according to his own choice. Unless you are not independent financially you cannot be free except some cases. In my life I watch some people who rule over others on behalf of their money. It’s like a relationship of an owner and a slave. The dependent person remains silent and watch all the drama. If we see it technically both are dependent on other- one for money and one for his daily work.

If we observe closely everything is dependent on each other. Everybody has his own needs rather for household chores, for office work, for learning skills etc. All people are bound in a chain with each other. This cosmos, this Universe make us join to each other.

But always the side of money overpower any other aspect of life. He who has the money is like a king and rule over other people as he wishes by ignoring the fact that he is also dependent on others for his daily survival. Do not rule over others, just show love and compassion. And this statement is not for all people with wealth because everybody is not same except few cases.

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