Life is uncertain. Activities of life are uncertain. What would happen the next time nobody knows. You think about the future events instead of ignoring the present. Human runs for future and his whole life depends on what would be the next steps for life.

I am not saying that future planning is not a good idea. To make plans for future is a must to do. Without plans you would not be able to get food, clothing and shelter. You cannot even make your day into a perfect day without a solid plan to how to spend your twenty-four hours a day. A child starts his schooling from his childhood in order to get literate and earn money professionally.

Last days I was shocked on the news of the death of a man living in my neighborhood. He was struck by a heart attack. The painful thing is that he left his country for livelihood even when his sons were so small. His wife and children lived alone those years without his presence.

When his sons grew up, they also went for abroad to earn money and for new lifestyle. They had made plans to get together in their home country on the occasion of his elder son’s marriage. They were so happy to meet together again.

Uncle came to his home country before the arrival of his sons. He also witnesses the Diwali festival at his home after so many years. I was watching him from my terrace that he was on his terrace to see the children who were bursting the crackers. I could feel his happiness.

I heard the news of his death when he had just lived only eight days at his home (village). I felt very bad for him and his family. Before I was thinking (may be everyone) that Uncle did so much hard work throughout his life and now it is time for his rest and to enjoy the luxuries of life. But nothing goes straight as I thought.

So that’s my point that we humans always go for those things which would lie in uncertainty. Life is so simple, and we make it complicated without knowing the facts.

And the most important thing is that we miss to enjoy the present moment just by running after the events that have not happened yet. Planning is also important for survival but not on the sacrifice of present. Present is equally important as future. Learn to enjoy the present moment and also keep in mind about future because we cannot ignore both. You just can plan for future, but you know nothing what would happen at the next moment of your life.

If you always ignore the present, you will never taste the true essence of your life because you will always chase the non-real things in your life. Keep try to enjoy the company of your children if you are a parent. Make efforts to enjoy your student life because when you would become an adult you would definitely miss that time.

Future will come only at its definite time. You cannot define time according to your choice. You just act according to your plans, enjoy the present time and leave the result on the coming time. Just focus on your goals and how to spend each day relevantly and perfectly.

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