To 24 October is a day of lights, a day of togetherness, a day of ultimate happiness which is being waited from the beginning of the year. Almost every person is excited for the coming auspicious day of the Diwali festival in India.

This festival has its roots in the religion like Hindu. It is also related to Sikh religion. And all people celebrate this festival with enthusiasm.

In my childhood I was very excited to see the earthen lamps (diyas) being lighted on the edges of the terrace walls. The environment was filled with the noise of crackers. When you would go upstairs, there were so many lights here and there. Children played with the crackers.

As I was alone child in my house because my brother was studying in the hostel, I came to the rooftop and watched other people to play with the crackers because I was scared of crackers. I only lit up diyas and watched the rest picture.

Till now I get scared of crackers. But I always like to watch the bursting of crackers. And now I have privilege that my son accompanies me in this great festival of lights. I would watch him to play with the crackers as I used to watch my brother when he was at home with me.

My son is super excited and bought so many crackers. With the growing age I observe that birds and animals get disturbed with the noise of crackers, so I nag my child not to use crackers which would produce a loud noise.

From the morning we are busy in the Diwali preparations. I want to share my happiness of this festival with you and want to share my thoughts on the culture of my land. I do not promote any religion, but I just follow the traditions of my land. After all every person must be proud of his own roots, culture first.

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