I follow a channel on social media from two years. I have witnessed her life story through her popular channel. Before she was living in a foreign country to get education. There she came in a relationship. After the completion of her education, she came back to her home country with her boyfriend. They made vlogs together now and support each other.

Last week I watched her vlog based on the delivery of her child. When was pregnant, she made vlogs related to pregnancy. She enjoyed her pregnancy and delivery period and did not skip to make videos for social media.

I was surprised to see how she would enjoy her precious pregnancy period despite much of discomfort.

I was sharing her story not to ask you to follow her channel. But I want to share what did I feel by watching her vlog. I was quite surprised how human mind works. How a person’s environment, conditions make/groom his personality. As she has a lovely and supporting family, she could enjoy the process of the birth of her child.

On the contrary, I have watched many women who could not enjoy their pregnancy/delivery time due to the harsh realities of their families. In some cases, there is lack of mutual understanding between the husband and wife. The whole of the situation gets worse in this condition.

For every woman to become a mother is memorable moment in her life. But every person cannot enjoy everything.

The psychology of human mind revolves around the reality of his life.

When you change the situation, psychology gets changed. But in some conditions, you cannot always change the situation but the option you get is only to change your mindset towards this particular situation. Because each and everything is not in your hands. You cannot hold everything in your hands. It is not possible to always remain happy in every condition but practice to remain silent is not a bad idea.

When you try to walk (wish to get success) fast, you become more and more aggressive, pessimistic and less confident. Anything needs time to flourish. You can just switch your mindset from negative to positive.

Every person has his own dreams in his life. I also have so many dreams in my life. As any normal human being I also wanted to speed up the things to get the results as soon as possible and forget to wait and had patience.

This impatience is always obsessed with the fast results. I would hurry up the things. As I grew and learned the reality of life, I came to know that ‘impatience is not the key to success’. It is just a hurdle in my success.

A man becomes an adult only after following a proper process. A child does not become an adult in a one day. It takes so many years and other factors too.

To get a dream job, one has to get proper education. Even these days, there are so many crash courses available online. Duration of courses may vary like- one month, six months, one year. It is possible that you can attain a skill in a particular field, but you must have to give time to learn the skill to become a pro. You cannot become expert in a particular skill in just a day.

As I told earlier, sometimes I become impatient to get my dream and fall in the trap of anxiety and restlessness. But as I practice and change my mindset, I work on patience and wait for the result, I would feel so relaxed and calm. I try to enjoy the journey to my ‘success’. It makes me happy and peaceful. To change the negative thoughts into positive ones, make you optimistic and help you to attain your goals perfectly. You would fulfill your dreams while enjoying the process. We should plan the dream and give the reliable time to complete it and patiently enjoy the coming success.

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