‘Union is Strength’, a phrase which any person can know it’s deep meaning only when to encounter the real situation. When I was a kid, there was a story based on this phrase in my school syllabus. In the story, a father tells his sons to live in unity even after his death. Though it is a very small story but is repleted with a moral of life.

Unless we face any kind of particular situation, it is almost impossible to realize the importance of real world. How much a person reads or listens to another person’s story, one cannot know the value of any lesson.

I have a small family. One night I was captured by a natural calamity. Actually, it was raining heavily the whole night. And we all were in deep sleep at that time. In the midnight my father woke me up and talked about the situation of what was happening in the house. Due to my son’s mistake the rainwater clogged into my house. It was running in the rooms, kitchen, verandah etc. Whole of the house was in a mess.

I was stunned by watching the whole mess in the house. I was shocked and feeling angry as everybody loves his/her night sleep. When knowing the reason of this disaster, I woke up my child. I wanted that he should know what had happened in the house due to his tiny mistake.

So now what could we do at this time? Nothing. But could just handle the whole situation calmly. Yeah, of course being normal human being, I was nagging my child for his grieve mistake. At that time, it was necessary to make him realize his blunder.

My father was calm at that time as contrary to his nature. Otherwise, all the time he gets restless whenever the situation is out of hands. He was calm and throwing the water out of the room with a small bucket and a mug.

I was in the area of kitchen and verandah with my son. My child was throwing water from the kitchen, and I was taking care of the verandah. My child was very silent as he felt guilty about this incident. I was nagging him in between. Sometimes I was just looking at this disaster and breathed heavily.

My sweet Romeo (pet dog) also came out of the bedroom and came to us to check what was going outside. My baby (dog) was sitting in the yard while it was raining. He was watching us. He was also amazed at the whole situation. A stray dog who usually comes to our house was in the yard at that night. He was very scared at that time. And I was also consoling the furry buddy named Snowy.

Rain had stopped and we were continuously working to throw out the water. My son’s mistake was that he put the lid on the pipe from which the wastewater goes outside the house. First of all, we uncovered the lid which helps the water to move out from the house.

Drawing room and verandah were free of rainwater now. Kitchen was not drained out completely. So, I decided to get sleep and would continue to drain the left water from the kitchen in the morning.

When we got up and noticed that my father had already cleaned the kitchen and it was water-free.

I was feeling good that the kitchen was water-free and bad because my father completed the unfinished work of ours. But after so much hectic moments, the house was water-free. At daytime, the process of cleaning the floors had been completed. Now the house was cleaned and bright.

I am writing this article in a story-telling manner because I learned the meaning of phrase ‘ Union is Strength’ very closely. Although this incident is not the only one incident in my life to learn the importance of this phrase. As nowadays I am writing my blogs, so I want to share this incident with my readers.

Human life can never be a perfect life though how much flawless you are! You can face struggle even though you own so many privileges. Living alone or living with other people, it is every person’s choice. No judgement there. But at the time of disaster at that night, If I was alone, it would be very uncomfortable for me to digest the whole situation. But in my family, we divided the work which saved the time and energy both. After all family is meant to live together, share happiness and sadness together, enjoy together and help everyone together.

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