Humans eat food, insects eat food, birds and animals eat food in the different forms though. Some eat vegetables, fruits. Some take grass and others eat flesh to meet the demand of hunger which is essential to live.

Except humans, every other species has their own ways of eating. Humans have so many varieties in food based on so many recipes, so many different cuisines divided according to the localities, country. My country is a very big country which has so many different cultures. I always get surprised how different styles of cuisines are there in my country.

Man has immense energy which he changes into creativity. In the ancient times humans lived in a very simple manner. They ate food very simply because there were not recipes as the man cooked food slowly by using different recipes.

I always try to take care of my health physically and mentally. I go out for a walk in my village. On the roadside there are so many green fields full of crops. Crops of wheat, rice, sugarcane would grow time to time according to seasons.

The farmers work in their fields. I witness many crops to grow from a seedling. Even though I belong to village but I have very little knowledge about crops. Few months ago, the farmers planted seedlings of a crop. I watched it to grow inch by inch and after few days seedlings converted into a green crop.

This sight makes me so happy and I can feel the happiness in the eyes of farmers. At my region wheat is a staple food. In the months of March and April there is a harvesting season. The fields are full by the sight of ‘golden wheat crops’.

Before we cook food, this food is gently handled in the hands of hardworking farmers. At the first they grow this food, after the cleaning process is done, food is ready to cook.

To cook food also needs dedication, passion and respect. When you cook food with burden and force, you cannot feel the purity of food to for you and others. It would just be a burden.

Cooking also needs love and attention. When I eat my food, sometimes I think about the growing process of food. I would get reminded how pure our food is. We often eat our food hurriedly as we do not want to give much time to eat food. Some people swallow food so quickly because the lack of time to eat food calmly. It is the problem of modern era. Man is getting lesser time to even enjoy the precious food.

Even man works so hard to get food three or twice a day depends on person to person. Man is getting involved in the world of competition to fulfill his desires and needs.

We are so busy not to thank about the minute observation of daily life. Life would be hell for those who cannot eat properly and at times. People waste their food though there are so many people who lack the privilege to eat food once or twice a day.

In my country, there is so much wastage of food in the marriages, religious ceremonies etc. People would get confused what to eat and what to left in these functions.

Some people take loans to organize these huge functions. To celebrate festivals, occasions is not a bad thing but wastage of food or anything is not a very positive thing.

The value of food knows only who grows it and who cannot earn that much to fill their stomachs.

Enjoy every bite of food and most of all important is to eat healthy and nutritious food as much as possible.

Food makes us happy and satisfied. I know that healthy food is less attractive and tasty as compared to junk food. Junk food is also a food but due to the style of cooking and the ingredients which would use in the making of junk food is hazardous if we eat this food on a regular basis.

Food is important for every living person to live as breath is necessary to live a life. Respect your food and decrease the wastage. Not to waste food should be the motto of life. And if possible, help the needy people to survive according to your limits. We should give our huge respect to farmers and people who cook food for us and even respect yourself if you cook food for you and your family. After all you are helping to fill the hunger of so many people in your life.

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