Happiness arises when a person gets what he dreamt about. The dreams, wishes which are fulfilled with efforts, patience and faith are valuable like a child is valuable to his mother.

When one gets everything very easily and without efforts, he cannot feel that kind of happiness as compared to a person who makes hardships and struggles to reach his destination. Person who is privileged from his childhood has different scenario towards life as compared to a person who starts everything from zero.

Being privileged is not a bad thing. It is in fact a positive and good thing. But everyone is not privileged in all aspects.

Everyone has different conditions in their lives. Some live luxurious life, some live middleclass lives and many people live below poverty line. Psychology about life differs from person to person.

Efforts, struggle and passion helps a person to achieve his goals. The taste of sucess is so sweet after efforts in pursuing the dreams. It’s a human nature that it likes complexities. It does not appreciate simple and easy things. It’s in human psychology to remain in complex things.

Humans are very creative beings. They like to work on difficult things though every person does not lie in this category. When a person gets something free, he always doubts it. It’s a human nature.

We should feel the happiness what we have and enjoy what is coming in the future. When I buy clothes for my son, his reaction is very neutral. But I feel very happy to buy garments for him. Maybe because when I was a child I did not get fancy clothes and toys because my parents thought it was useless to buy clothes etc. Now when I buy new clothes for me I feel so good because of that wish to buy clothes in my childhood.

As my child’s wardrobe is always full, he does not understand the happiness to have access to anything even based on your daily necessities. A person who is far away from his wishes, he knows the happiness to be close to his wish. But everybody has different mindsets and act differently.

Love what you already have and what you would get in the future. To feel content, makes you happy and at peace. Enjoy your life and amenities too.

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