Due to differences in thoughts, complexities in characters, upbringing in different environments and situations, everyone has involved in arguments to prove himself right. But it is very hard to convince the other person if he is totally opposite of you and you may be trapped in a big mess sometimes.

Human nature is very complex. Even a man himself cannot understand himself completely. People who live under the same roof might have different opinions on the same subject (topic). It is not mandatory that every person would agree with the whole ‘one’ decision.

It is very common that parents and children have hold the idea of ‘generation gap’. Due to this, parents and children often get stuck between the harsh arguments which make their relationship weak at the end.

Husband and wife also spoil their relationship due to different mindsets and it is quite natural that their upbringing is totally different from each other.

Even siblings get so many argumentative perspectives in their lives. Although they have the same upbringing but their way of thinking, their interaction with the individual experiences might vary and this would conflict between them.

As we can say, one child has a soothing experience in school life and everything good has happened to him. It is obvious that he would praise his school life and the things related to school. On the contrary, the second child has very bad experience of school life. He has been bullied in the school. His teachers had also given him deep scars. It is quite sure that he would has a different scenario of school life as compared to the first child.

And they would talk to each other, there may be chances that they get into arguments at a certain period.

In an argumentative behavior, a person always would make efforts to prove himself right and the other person to be wrong.

Sometimes these arguments can destruct the lives of many persons who are related to each other. No one can win the game of arguments. It is very impossible to convince the other person according to you.

In my past years, I used to argue with people often. Most of the times, I got failed to tell my idea because the other person was not ready to get what I wanted to say to him.

With the passage of time, I realized that you can only present your idea but cannot force people to accept it. You must go on. If you have logic and solid basis, you might be acknowledged but it is very hard that the other person would accept his irrationality.

Human being must have the ‘hunger to learn’. You are not always right or wrong. You do what you want and learn from your experiences.

Do not try to change the other people because long and petty arguments would make you exhausted and less confident. Arguments may lead you to the world of ‘depression’, ‘anxiety’.

It does not mean that you should stick to your ideas even if you are wrong. You can compare your experiences, differentiate the points and if you are wrong, just accept it honestly. If you are right, just put your point on the table but not think to change the world on the basis of your experiences.

Arguments lead to self-destruction and so many relations get affected. If anybody continuously oppose you and disrespect your ideas, make distance from him even he is a very close family member. Just enjoy your life. It is not your duty to change the thoughts of other people according to you.

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