“When you discover your mind and soul, you would find immense treasure of long.”

——– RBassi

Man has interests, likes, cravings different from other people. These turn into potentialities and skills as they move in their lives. When a person learns and develops a skill it might help him to grow in the future.

Sometimes it would be the question of all that which road he is taking is it right or wrong? Sometimes we could be wrong, our destinations could be wrong which are based on the lack of knowledge, pressure of society and family members. Sometimes what you learn may not work for you.

But nothing goes astray. Somehow every kind of education, skill would help you and make a part in our success. It is no doubt nothing goes waste ever.

In my life when I was in the High school, I was very fearful of Mathematics. It was not a cup of tea for me.

In spite of this, due to the advice of my teacher, I took Mathematics again in the Secondary level. My grades were not so good. I was a good student in other subjects but not in Mathematics.

Irony was that in at my college level, one of my subject Economics had two books and one was based on Mathematics (Statistics). As I was growing, Mathematics was also sticking with me, a-ha-ha. In my University education, my goodness, again Mathematics was along with me. In a great despair, I was taking decision to quit this degree and asked to help me in Mathematics.

I took the courage as I got decent marks in the first semester and in the final semester I pulled out very good grades. And I was happy to attain a higher standard degree in my hands.

After my education and so many years, I always asked myself why I took Mathematics in my Secondary and Higher education. I had got no answer at that time.

As time passed, now, I am working in which field, it has Mathematical basis. Even my Education in Economics is also helping me to learn my opt career. Although it is no bound that you should have the sound background of education in the stream of Mathematics and Economics but if you have attained this education, it might help you to learn the concepts quite efficiently.

So, my point is, nothing goes waste. Each and everything helps you at the particular time and phrase. Even I had the hobby of photography in my childhood. It is also helping me in career of graphic designing. Still I am not expert but I am planning to improve my skill in the future.

When you find your career according to your choice, ability and interest it makes you more confident and at peace. You would feel satisfaction on your part in your life.

I am not saying that you should unplanned your life, your decision. It is very wise to pre-plan your schedule.

But you would not get the benefit out of everything almost. I know that every people has his own story, I am just sharing my own lovely experience. If you have the opportunity to grow in a field in which you would feel less confident, you can try and make efforts. Sometimes I was not confident and wanted to quit my latest opportunity but I trust myself and is improving my capability. And most of all, I have found very good teachers who are helping me to learn new things and exploring the world full of opportunities. I am still in the learning phase and learning never ends till death. So, do not lose hope, build your confidence, take insight in your heart and mind and do what you want.

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