In our lives we meet so many people- family members, relatives friends, boyfriends/girlfriends. May be some people are more precious to our heart and soul. Sometimes some individuals are just a time pass for us. And it is obvious that all people would not be in your favorite list at the same time. More or less, everybody feel hatred for some peculiar persons to whom he does not like.

Love, affection, hatred are the parts of life. Nobody is escaped from it’s effect. When you love someone, you would get connected and admire his personality.

On the contrary, hatred is a strong feeling in which you do not even stand a shadow of that person. You can hate your peer, you can hate your teacher, you van hate your boss and most of all you can also hate your family member. It is no doubt that sometimes due to permissive conditions, family members can also be a hectic being in anyone’s life.

In some conditions, according to time and environment this hostility may get changed. But in some cases, this hatred becomes strong and massive.

In hatred people may tend to take revenge on the other side. And this cycle never ends. To take a revenge upon anyone, is it good or bad, I would not make any kind of judgement at this point because it is quite difficult to leave hatred on someone.

The more difficult is when you have to live with this person and you have no choice. I know that you will think about the weak marital relationship. But in these days, marriages are very open. Young people would not bind themselves to run fake marriages (without love).

Well, there are so many other relationships which gives you pain but you would not help to come out of it. It has been more challenging to live in that kind of relationship. This is being called a ‘toxic relationship’ which makes you uneasy and anxious on both sides.

When you hate a person strongly, you would feel aggressive at his every move. What he would do makes you loose temper. This level of hatred might increase day by day. You would feel pleasant in his absence but when he re appears, this cycle runs again.

But do you ever notice that this person is not changing himself a bit. He continuously keeps you harassing and is not affected by your hatred at all.

So, who is the victim here? He or you? It is obvious that you are the victim here. It is you who is giving stress to your body and mind. In the pretext of changing that particular person, you are pushing yourself deep into the negative world. You can not change anybody completely. It is impossible that until the person himself is not willing to bring a change in himself nobody can change anyone. You can not force anyone to live according to your conditions.

Hatred would only harm you at the end. It is very hard to ignore the person to whom you hate. But at the end, the flames of hatred would only burn you and your peace.

If you want a stable life, control your feelings. It is very dangerous to love or hate someone at the very extreme levels. Your life is only yours. You can not become dependent completely on anyone. Try to focus on your life and let live others if they do not want to change according to you.

You have noticed many times that when you are indulging yourself in hatred and that particular person is unaffected by your hatred and keeps enjoying in his life. In my life I have experienced that when I was busy in hating someone and that person was enjoying his daily routines. My hatred had no impact on him. And in this whole cycle, I was punishing myself by indulging in negative thoughts which would make me fragile and a loser.

To control our feelings is very difficult. But to let him go and focus on your inner self and convert your thoughts into positive from negative would help you to live life confidently and peacefully. I am not asking to change your hatred into love which is impossible in some circumstances but you should save your energy and use this energy to improve yourself.

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