” Don’t let your life be spoiled by toxic people, it’s better to be alone”. RBassi

Being a social creature man has so many relationships right from his birth in the form of parents, relatives, friends and society. People always look to live with other people and are scared of to be alone. Everybody experience the toxic people in their life who spread negativity and harassment into their lives continuously.

Most of the times, these toxic people are not outsiders but the relations very close to you whose one and only motive is to degrade you no matter how good you are in everything.

We feel very negative, under rated ourselves and become suspicious of ourselves. These taunts, disrespect demotivate us and hinders our growth too. Everybody has unique traits, unique tastes for life but who gets mingled with the negativity shown by the toxic people may stray away from their destination.

There are so many cases where people commits even suicide by the regular taunts of their near ones.

The painful thing is that it is easy to stay away from toxic people who are not very close to us but the main question is how would one leave his very close relationships. It is ordinary to leave the opposite sex partner when they are involved in an affair. It is also somehow easy to break down the marriage if it is not working well.

But the main concern is what would you when it is about your parents. Do parents get a license to harass their children if they are not act according to their will. Which law suggests to give power to parents to disrespect them. If parents need respect, do their children not demand respect from them.

It is well known that to get anyone’s respect you must give respect to other people. I am not blaming that all parents fall into thus category but somehow I know these kind of toxic parents who make the lives of their children like a hell. The person who comes into the age of 18 are adult by law. They have the freedom to decide their decisions completely. But most of the adults are not allowed to live independently. I know that most of the people would not get agree with my notion but the situation of every person differs from each other.

Parents decide the career of their children, they choose groom for their daughters. When one become adult it is very hard to live under the shelter of parents when they are so toxic to their lives. These kind of parents find faults in everything what their children do. They never believe in them. Parents want them to be dependent on them in these cases.

It is very hard to leave parents alone because from the childhood it is taught that parents are God like figure. I am not disagree with it. We should always respect them but as a tell prior that the situation, environment and culture differ from person to person.

Always keep in mind that anybody who wants to run your life you have to be remain silent under his wings. Toxic people and their negativity would never let you go and move ahead in your life. To not let them rule you is the only solution to your life and make efforts to become independent in your life.

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