What is happiness? Where would it be reside? Is it inner or outer? May be every person has the different scenario of this very commonly asked question.

Every person on this Earth wants to be happy. But you can not buy it. You can not fake happiness by showing other people how happily you are living you life. You can use social media like Instagram, face book etc. and post your happy photographs, videos but only you know the real truth of the situation of your life.

In human life, everybody wants to live with happiness, everybody wants to taste the core of happiness. but as you know life is both beautiful and hard too. For some people the life is luxurious, splendid, awesome because they get so much till the time of birth due to their family conditions. But this is not the guarantee that they are 100% happy. And quite opposite to it, I see many people who do not have so much to show but yet are happy and enjoying the life.

When we start to compare ourselves with other people, it leads to put negative thoughts in our minds. To notice what the particular person is getting is not a bad idea. Well, it helps to get inspiration from that very person and we also make dreams to achieve these things.

But the problem arises when we it in a negative manner. When we keep inferiority complex, it generates jealousy, hatred and suffocate our peace. It makes our lives to be miserable and painful which further gives birth to unhappiness.

In everyone’s life the cycle of good and bad incidents runs parallel. it is a general phenomena. But it is up to you how would you handle it. Life is not always a bed of roses but after every night there is a bright day ahead.

In the early period of my life I was so much happy for what would I had. I never felt jealous from other people for what they had. I was stagnant and never thought to improve my condition upwards. And this habit led me to destruction.

At one point my mind searched for true happiness as I was feeling that my life was embedded with chaos. I was searching for my identity, my purpose on the Earth. I felt so much guilty and blamed myself and other people for no inspiration. It pushed me into deep darkness. I felt so nervous and chaotic for a while. And this turning point in my life helped me to search my mind and I asked questions to myself about my happiness. I was searching the happiness which was based on the foundation of ‘purpose of my life’.

I went back to the past time (recalled) and gathered memories for my hobbies, interests. After self talk I got the insight of what was my reason for happiness.

In my experience, I learned that if you have big dreams, if you want to attain something rewarded in your life, you must analyze your dreams and must work on it. Getting inspiration from other people is not a bad habit. But jealousy is not solution of anything.

Happiness is not outside but inside. Well, to identify the reason of happiness is an art. When you act according to your tastes, interests and passion it would definitely make you happy.

In some researches it is found that so many people who do their jobs, choose their careers are not happy. They do jobs in medical fields, corporate sectors and some may adopt their family businesses. But they are not happy because they are not allowed to make career in the fields of their choice. They are forced to select careers according to their parents’ and society’s approval.

Sometimes we have to make sacrifices in life but you can not put your life’s happiness at stake.

Let’s do take the charge of your life with yourself and work on it. This life is just one and there is no tool who would tells us about the after life. Take care of your small small triggers of happiness like listen to your favorite music, watching your favorite movie, to visit and explore the world, to play with children. As much possible try to select your own path to become emotionally, physically and psychologically independent and you would find your ‘happiness’ in your freedom.

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