Independent Life

An independent life is the key of successful life. To live a healthy, peaceful, lovely life is everybody’s dream. People struggle throughout life to maintain their lifestyle as stress free. Everybody has different situation and environment in his life.

But when we are dependent on other people for our lives and let them to decide our life’s norms then you can not enjoy your life 100%. To enjoy the core of life, it’s sweetness it is very important to live independently.

A child is dependent on other people especially his family members but if a child is motivated to become independent step by step it is very helpful for his growth. Like his parents teach him to do little chores at house according to his capacity. This habit would help him a lot to be free in future.

Where I do live, there are many houses where parents do control their children and sometimes when their children come into the age of adult they still are financially and emotionally depended on their parents. There is no pride to be burden on other people.

Of all freedoms, financial freedom is the foremost. When you are financially free it helps you to live with respect and peace. Although man is a social being but we should maintain a boundary between people and our inner self. It’s a truth that life is very beautiful but one has the art of living it beautifully.

When you give the remote control of your life to other people, it is sure that you may suffer in the journey of life. Life has many colors good or bad. Sometimes we face good times and sometimes bad ones. And this is a part of life. You should always be independent to execute your decisions and have trust in yourself. It would help you to fight with the worldly affairs.

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