Temptations, greed, salvation being the part of human’s life. What would you do when you have so many temptations in this world. It’s very hard to ignore/escape from those ones. Everybody has his own criteria of selfishness, greed. Greed is related to our wishes to do in our lives. Over excessiveness of anything is fatal … Read more



You cannot leave what your heart wants. You walk with the inner feelings deep dived in the heart in the form of hobbies, passions and interests. If you listen to the voice of your soul, you will achieve peace whether you make money or not on this path. It would give you tremendous joy and … Read more


over excitement

Quite wary of what would happen the next moment, we become over excited about the future related to coming events. We like to plan the events which is has its own importance too. But it is meaningless to plan every minute details of life at every moment. When our lovely hormone ‘dopamine’ is being released … Read more


good day

Life goes on it’s rhythm and it’s only you who has to match footsteps with the pace of time which is connected with life. Nobody can predict what the future holds in itself. Everything is being disclosed at a particular time gradually. We all crave for happiness, joy and stability for sure, but time is … Read more


parents and children

It breaks my heart when I see the old people living alone, all by themselves. They can be single/living with their partners. Conditions vary person to person. It’s very heartbreaking that parents or elderly people struggle to live onto their own. It does not mean that I am condemning the young generation. This tradition goes … Read more


I am well aware that these days people listen to this particular word ‘consistency’ a lot moreover on the social media platforms. when I usually heard this word, I was not known to the fact that how powerful that word could be anyone’s life. The root cause of the people’s failures is lack of consistency … Read more



Emotions, attachments, care Lie within in between souls Family, friends, species of different birth Keep connected altogether fair Family motivates us, helps us to keep move on and make efforts to live happily with each other. People have families by birth, and some find families due to his circumstances like adoption etc. But moreover, every … Read more


Dreams are an integral part of our lives. Everybody sees dreams since his childhood. Dreams vary from person to person. Dreams are according to one’s tastes, environment, idealism etc. If one can dream for any particular thing, he might be able to achieve it most probably. Every individual dream for certain things in his life. … Read more


Who don’t love perfection? Who don’t admire perfection in everything? Yes, we all love to look perfect. We want perfection in everything we do. Perfection is always be praised by other people. But perfection is not a very cheap thing which we can buy or sell. Perfection needs hard work, efforts, liability to it. Then … Read more


” Stagnant water often produces foul smell strong enough to destroy the good environment.” ——— RBassi Human beings developed their habits, cultures, customs by the time as there took place evolution of various things. Man learned many things and grew according to his understanding. So, change is the law of nature. Every time according to … Read more